Hello, 19~Convington, New Orleans and Denham Springs

At the beginning of January, not only does the Earth get a year older but I do too!

My birthday this year was spent traveling with wonderful friends and family. They planned so much for me and made sure my day was extra special. My birthday likes to creep up on me with it being right after the holidays

I wanted to share with you a few of my fave spots in South LA (Beware, most of them are food related). I plan on doing a specific blog post later on one of my all time favorites The English Tea Room, so stay tuned!

DOMENICA / New Orleans


This place was a surprise lunch from my friends. It was just delicious! Not only was the Italian menu budget-friendly, but there were dishes that you can’t find anywhere else! I recommend getting the Campenelle; my friend got it and there was definitely food envy.

And the ambiance. The luxurious, elegant atmosphere with just a touch of chic made you truly feel like you were transported into another city. And The Roosevelt Hotel is through the bar, allowing you to explore the lobby after you eat some yummy pasta or pizza.

The location is right off of Canal Street, so it’s a perfect place to spend the evening after a long day touring NOLA.


AMORINO / New Orleans

A classic in Paris I stumbled upon has finally made its way to “The Big Easy.” Experience some of the best Italian Ice Cream. And to top it off, the ice cream come in it’s signature flower form! An Instagram worthy dessert.


BRQ / Denham Springs

Bar-b-que might seem like the least possible food type for a fun and trendy day, but BRQ is the exception. BRQ has recently opened its second location in Denham, but it’s already been a big hit.

It gives a modern spin on a southern classic. The four different sauce options will change the flavor of whatever plate you pick!

BRQ is the perfect place for a casual date night or a lunch with your girlfriends.

And Pro tip: check in on Yelp for a free appetizer!


I don’t want to give too much away since I’m dedicating a whole blog post to this gem, but a few teasers are crumpets, tea pots and her majesty the queen. Oh, and the cutest part of LA I’m convinced.

Thank you again to everyone who made my birthday extra sweet! And leave a comment if you like the new blog look!

Much Love,


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