What Manship Means to Me

Hello friends! Recently, I got accepted into the wonderful Manship School of Mass Communication at LSU. I am honored to attend such an inspiring and innovative school. I wanted to share with you all just how much Manship means to me, by sharing my essay for my application.

            I’ve often considered myself having an old soul stuck in a modern world.

            I thought I was a 21st century Elizabeth Bennett, trapped by circumstance and imagination.

            I turned to old novels and films to satisfy my curiosity of the world. I decided we were living in an era of post-greatness. I considered Twitter an abomination against prose and Snapchat a poor substitute for human connection.

My initial decision to major in English seemed another step towards isolating myself from today’s events because the current world didn’t meet the expectations I set up for it. I would rather analyze great works and events than risk participating in a project with the potential for greatness.

That all changed when I decided to attend the Manship School of Mass Communication.

            Through just the classes I’ve taken so far, my view on the world and what I want to contribute to it has drastically changed. Learning of great projects and people no longer satisfies me. My passions revolve around creating and collaborating with others and exploring the wonders of the modern world that I’ve shied away from for so long.

            I intend to study digital advertising with the hopes to begin my own advertising agency that has an emphasis on honest and creative content, blending art and advertising to connect with users in a more organic way.

Today, I still have an old soul in a modern world.

However, my mind and my heart are wonderfully modern. Both are dedicated to contributing to the larger narrative around me. I have found the balance I have been looking for. Instead of romanticizing the past, I am now embracing the opportunities modern media gives me in manifesting my imagination.

Because on further reflection, Elizabeth Bennett was, in fact, a very modern woman.

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