What Friendsgiving Means to Me

It might seem like the next big Pinterest craze, but I sure do hope Friendsgiving is here to stay! Friday, I hosted my first Friendsgiving! Company included my closest friends that go to university with me as well as my wonderful friends that went to different universities. It was wonderful to reconnect with everyone.

I’ve hosted a few other events, like Christmas parties, but this one to me just felt more important, and that meant I was more nervous! No longer were we a bunch of kids in high school acting like we don’t hang out every weekend, but we came as (semi) adults. We all cooked (or bought, but who’s checking?) our food and enjoyed our meal. We had a bit of a pie competition with over three pies. We ended the night by playing the classic “Taboo” and a personal favorite of mine “Wits and Wagers.”

I remember thinking during desert time how I truly have found “my people.” Here we are, a bunch of 18-year-olds, and we are able to have the best time just by being in the presence of one another. No alcohol, no loud music, no false laughs. We’re not the kind of people that spend time together just for the sake of going out or having a fun time (though we do a lot of both).Instead, we’re all really interested in making memories together.

Instead, we’re all really interested in making memories together.

And that is one of the things in my life that I am so grateful for. Friends who stick around just for each other. These friends are going to be there during our heartbreaks, our weddings, our job struggles and all the small little moments that make life worthwhile. Our Friendsgiving was more than just a night to spend time with one another. Each one of us showed the other that we were wanting to continue our relationship. As my first semester in college is coming to a close (wait for a reflections post soon!), I’ve learned it’s more important than ever to purposefully pursue those you want in your life. Because the biggest shift I’ve found in adulthood so far is that there are very few relationships sustained out of convenience. Instead, if you want incredible relationships in your life, it takes consistency and quality in your time together.

It makes the relationships I am sustaining now all the more beautiful.

I hope everyone had an equally wonderful extended holiday weekend filled by those they love!

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